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Children’s Dentist Mountain View CA

Treating early childhood cavities in Mountain View CA

Children's dentist Mountain View CA

Children’s dentist Mountain View CA

If you are in the market for a trustworthy, well established Children’s dentist Mountain View CA, look no further than Children’s Dental Group, where we will work hard to help you understand that causes of pediatric dental decay and early childhood cavities, and how to prevent these things from happening. We believe it is absolutely imperative to educate our patients in how they can monitor their own oral health so that they can confidently make informed decisions that will inevitably benefit their overall well being. You can come to us with any of your questions and concerns regarding your child’s cavities or other issues, and we will be here to provide only the highest quality solutions and knowledge.

At Children’s Dental Group, we know that very child loves candy, perhaps even a little too much! We are confident that we will become the Children’s dentist Mountain View CA that you refer all of your friends and family members to. It is important to remember that the eating habits of children, as well as their tendency to neglect certain hygienic procedures such as brushing and flossing, is exactly what drives people to seek out optimal oral health care as soon as problems arise. Our friendly and experienced professionals will use only state of the art technology and the latest advancements in modern dental medicine to both treat and educate you and your children.

We here at Children’s Dental Group believe that prevention is the best medicine, especially when it comes to pediatric dental decay. Our commitment to helping children and parents the causes of these problems and effective ways to prevent them is just one of the reasons why we are the best Children’s dentist Mountain View CA, both in town and within the surrounding area. Contact us today for a consultation, and be sure to peruse our website for more information.

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Sunnyvale Children’s Dentist

Pediatric dental care in Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale children's dentist

Sunnyvale children’s dentist

At Children’s Dental Group, we know how important it is for your child to feel comfortable at the dentist. That’s why our dentists and staff make it a point to give each child special care and to use a gentle touch with them so they feel safe and happy. Our Sunnyvale children’s dentist will teach your child how to brush their teeth, floss and other oral health care habits in a fun and relaxing environment.

Our pediatric specialists are trained to meet your child’s needs and use advanced techniques to protect their oral health. Pediatric dentists receive two to three years more training along with dental school in order to learn how to properly treat children and to learn about children’s teeth. They are also trained to treat patients with special needs. Our Sunnyvale children’s dentist can treat problems with children’s teeth that can happen early on in life. Tooth decay happens to many children due to being bottle fed for too long. Gum disease is also a concern. Children need strong and healthy developing teeth so that they can chew and speak clearly as they grow older. Sometimes mild inflammation of the gum tissues may be present, in which case we will immediately start your child on a strict oral health regimen in order to get their teeth back into healthy shape again.

Children who can chew easier and speak more clearly are happier and more confident. Primary teeth are very important because they allow proper development of jaw bones and muscles, as well as save space for permanent teeth to come in. If baby teeth are lost too soon, permanent teeth can come in crooked. Our Sunnyvale children’s dentist can check for any decayed baby teeth that may be causing pain or infection. This should be caught immediately before it is spread to the permanent teeth. Also, the child’s health could possibly be affected if the diseased teeth are not caught and treated in time. Some primary molars aren’t replaced until the ages of 10-14, so they stay longer in the child’s mouth and for many more years.

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