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Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs on our teeth. It works to strengthen the bone and keep teeth from becoming chipped, cracked, or otherwise decaying. However, plaque, bacteria, and corrosive substances in foods such as acids and sugars can wear away at these valuable minerals. Fluoride is found in many types of food, as well as your own drinking water. Children are more susceptible to tooth decay than adults, and as such need fluoride treatments from their Sunnyvale pedodontist at Children’s Dental Center.

Sunnyvale Fluoride Treatments
Sunnyvale Fluoride Treatments

The expertly trained pediatric dentists of the Children’s Dental Group know the value of fluoride to your child’s growing teeth, and that’s why we always provide a fluoride rinse after every treatment. Children should start receiving fluoride rinses from their Sunnyvale pedodontist by the age of six months, and should continue to receive them up to sixteen years of age. Even adults can benefit from fluoride, that’s why the American Dental Association only approves toothpaste that contains fluoride. Be sure to look for the little blue ADA approve logo on the next tube you buy for you, or your child. Fluoride is essential in not only strengthening your child’s teeth, but can help you to fight cavities too.

If your child has a severe case of cavities, or has been identified by our Sunnyvale pedodontist at Children’s Dental Center as having weakened or problematic teeth, there are plenty of fluoride remedies you can practice right from the comfort of home. Today you can purchase easy to use fluoride gel. It’s simple, you just apply it to your mouth, allow to site for a few minutes, rinse and spit. Fluoride is already in public drinking water, and should be present in your toothpaste, so parents should always be on the lookout not to overdo it. Before starting an over the counter fluoride treatment, consult our expertly trained staff at the Children’s Dental Group to be sure your children are receiving the correct amount.

The Children’s Dental group strives to be your child’s favorite Sunnyvale pedodontist. We understand that many children feel anxiety about dental appointments, and so we have risen to the task of providing expert care in a unique kid-friendly environment that offers everything from videogames to kid’s movies and even rides for them to enjoy while they wait. Our staff are all specially trained in pediatric dentistry to work with the unique problems and set of issues that come with children’s dentistry. We want to provide your child with friendly care that will make them feel at ease, whether they’re coming in to be outfitted for braces, or simply here for a routine check-up. Children’s Dental Group is dedicated to teaching healthy oral habits for children to give them brilliant smiles that will last a lifetime.

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