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Dental sedation for kids in Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale dental office
Sunnyvale dental office

Here at Children’s Dental Group, we make every effort to see that your child is comfortable and at ease. This includes an office that is fun and upbeat, a staff who are patient and friendly, and the gentlest care taken in all pediatric dental work. But when your child is nervous or fearful about having dental treatment, has special needs, a strong gag reflex, or has had prior traumatic experiences with dental care, our Sunnyvale dental office is pleased to have sedation options, which are also helpful for infants.

When you consider how vital it is for children to get off to a positive start in terms of dentistry and their relationship with it, the value of dental sedation becomes even more apparent. Very often, adults who are stressed out about going to the dentist can trace those feelings back to childhood experiences. There is no value in forcing a child to “tough it out.” In some cases, having sedation at a young age can reduce anxious feelings so that it is not needed later in life. Regardless of what happens later, what matters most now is that your child can benefit from treatment at our Sunnyvale dental office. There are two types of sedation that we offer. One is conscious sedation, and is designed for children six and older who have mild nervousness. He or she will inhale nitrous oxide (laughing gas), a very effective option. IV deep sedation is for children who are too young, too fearful, or who have other relevant circumstances that make conscious sedation inappropriate. You can be certain that our Sunnyvale dental office provides qualified and experienced dental anesthesiologists who will be there to ensure that everything is done properly and safely.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for you child. She or he need not have a negative experience when dental sedation for kids is available.

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