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At Children’s Dental Group, some of the most common procedures performed by our Mountain View pedodontist are pulpotomies. Sometimes referred to as a “baby root canal,” a pulpotomy is a dental service that is used when a cavity (usually in a baby tooth) has grown and continued to decay to the point where the pulp of the tooth has become infected. The pulp is a conglomeration of soft tissue that sits in the center of every tooth. If the decay has progressed to that point, your child is likely to feel “toothache” symptoms. That means that they are likely to feel mild to moderate pain in one particular tooth. Your child might also notice that one particular tooth becomes especially sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Whenever these sorts of symptoms occur, it is a good idea to visit our Mountain View pedodontist, because they are usually telling of a bigger problem.

Child's Dental Decay Mountain View
Child’s Dental Decay Mountain View

After evaluating your child’s tooth, we will be able to determine if a pulpotomy is the best treatment option. A pulpotomy is a relatively simple procedure that is usually quite successful. The main goal of a pulpotomy is to preserve a badly decayed baby tooth to avoid the hardship and cost of extraction. The puplotomy process is made up of a few general steps. Our Mountain View pedodontist will first remove the decay, and the top part of the pulp chamber. We will then thoroughly clean the affected area and seal it using safe, durable materials. To complete the pulpotomy and ensure the tooth’s proper functioning, we usually top off the tooth with a crown. In most cases, a pulpotomy is enough to remove the decay and prevent it from continuing so that the tooth can remain restored and healthy.

If you would like to learn more about pulpotomies or any of the other services provided by our Mountain View pedodontist, we invite you to visit the Children’s Dental Group website for additional information. Should you have any questions or concerns about our services or any other related topic, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of staff members. Feel free to give us a call during our regular staff hours or to get in touch with us online. We hope to see you and your child soon at Children’s Dental Group.

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