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A little more goes into the exchange of baby teeth for permanent teeth than the tooth fairy and a few dollars under the pillow. Baby teeth (or primary teeth) look and function differently than permanent teeth, and it is important for parents to know the differences. At Children’s Dental Center, our Mountain View pediatric dentist understands the importance of the transition period between primary and secondary teeth, and how knowing about them can help you keep all the smiles in your family healthy.

A child usually develops a total of twenty baby teeth, ten on the top and ten on the bottom. Usually by age two, these twenty baby teeth come in. Children then generally start losing them by age six. By age 13, all of the baby teeth are usually gone. While all kids are different, these are general timelines for tooth growth and loss that indicate a healthy mouth. If your child’s teeth seen to be very delayed in any way, it’s important to check with a dentist, like our Mountain View pediatric dentist.

The adult mouth contains 32 permanent, or adult teeth. Each tooth has its purpose. Some for biting and tearing, and some for grinding and crushing. That’s why it is so important to stay on top of your child’s and your own teeth growth. Sometimes things go awry as permanent teeth grow in. Sometimes one or more permanent teeth never develop – this can happen with wisdom teeth, incisors or premolars. Sometimes teeth are present, but never emerge from within the gums. It is also common for permanent teeth to grow too close together, like if the mouth is simply too small. This type of crowding must be handled by a professional, like our Mountain View pediatric dentist, to prevent discomfort, infections, and other oral complications.

Regular visits to the dentist are important so that you can be sure your child’s teeth are coming in and falling out regularly and healthfully. We invite you to make an appointment at Children’s Dental Center by calling us at 323-564-2444. Taking care of your child’s teeth every step of the way is the key to providing them with a healthy smile for a lifetime.

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