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Space maintainers in Mountain View

Mountain View pediatric dentist
Mountain View pediatric dentist

Space maintainers are very useful tools in making sure that when your child’s adult (permanent) teeth begin to erupt, there will be sufficient room for them. Unfortunately, there are times when as baby (primary) teeth fall out, the other teeth shift. This results in complications, which can range from minimal to serious, in terms of how the new teeth grow in. Here at Children’s Dental Group Mountain View pediatric dentist, we’re committed to being proactive when it comes to your child’s dental wellness, and that includes preventing unnecessary problems.

As an adult, you may experienced losing one or more teeth and having your others shift. Your child is also susceptible to that. It is a perfectly natural thing for baby teeth to fall out. And when the adult teeth erupt, they should grow right into that spot where the old baby tooth used to be. The body is wise and knows what it’s doing. This doesn’t mean, though, that things may not go as planned. For one thing, if a baby tooth has to come out tooth soon or simply falls out earlier than its normal schedule would suggest, this can make your child prone to discomfort, tooth crowding, and teeth misalignment. Our Mountain View pediatric dentist will use space maintainers to essentially hold the spot for the new tooth until it is time for it to grow in. Your child will benefit greatly from their use, and they are very simple in the way they are placed. There are two types. The fixed versions are cemented into place. And there is also a removable one. Our Mountain View pediatric dentist will work with you to decide on the right one. Among the factors will be if your child is likely to take out the removable space maintainers. They cannot do their job unless they stay in when they are supposed to.

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