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Mountain View Children’s Braces

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Kids Braces in Mountain View

Mountain View Children's Braces
Mountain View Children’s Braces

If your child will be needing braces or other orthodontic care, you will want to make an appointment to come to visit us at Children’s Dental Group. At our dental practice, we offer different types of Mountain View children’s braces to help with different orthodontic treatments.

Children’s Dental Group is a dentistry practice that is made to meet the special needs of children. We have many different pediatric dentists on staff including orthodontists. Our atmosphere is fun and welcoming for your child. If your child needs to get Mountain View children’s braces we will make sure that the experience is a pleasant one for your child. If your child has a baby tooth that falls out prematurely, it can influence where the corresponding permanent tooth will erupt. In some cases, it is important that your child gets a space maintainer to retain the appropriate space that will be needed for your child’s permanent tooth. This can help greatly reduce the need for any orthodontic care resulting from this situation. Removable dental appliances can be used to move teeth, hold selected teeth in place, to influence the growth of jaws and to influence tooth eruption. These appliances are often used in conjunction with fixed orthodontic appliances. At our orthodontic practice, children are able to get different types of braces. Our orthodontists will evaluate your child’s bite situation and determine which type of treatment will work best in his or her particular case. Sometimes there are several different braces treatments available, and our orthodontists will help you to decide which course of treatment you would like to follow. Some types of braces include traditional metal braces; ceramic braces; and Invisalign invisible braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners, and is often referred to as invisible braces.

For an appointment to meet with our orthodontists to learn more about Mountain View children’s braces, contact us today.

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