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Kid’s Dentist Sunnyvale

As hard as we try, as parents, to get our children to keep up proper oral hygiene practices at home, and as good as our children’s intentions may be, extra help is often in order. Our Sunnyvale kid’s dentist at Children’s Dental Group, offers sealants and fluoride treatments, which are added insurance against tooth decay. When it’s time for a professional fluoride treatment for your children, it will usually follow a regular cleaning and exam. Our well-trained staff at Children’s Dental Group will make sure your child is comfortable and calm before treatment is started.

Sunnyvale Kid's Dental Hygiene
Sunnyvale Kid’s Dental Hygiene

Treatment consists of a high level of fluoride foam, paste, gel, or liquid, being painted on the teeth, or applied using trays filled with the fluoride mixture. Once the teeth are coated, our Sunnyvale kid’s dentist or hygienist will leave the compound on for 1-4 minutes before gently rinsing. Your child may have to wait a half an hour or so before eating or drinking anything, including water, and the teeth might feel sticky or a little gunky. That residue is a good sign, however, that the fluoride is actually adhering to the teeth long enough to accomplish what it’s supposed to and recede and will stay tightly adhered to the teeth. These treatments will also harden the tooth’s enamel create a barrier of protection. Fluoride treatments are not only for protecting teeth but for gum health as well. The fluoride treatment will prevent bacteria, plaque, tartar and calculus build up so gums won’t which helps your child to be more resistant to tooth decay.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that works well with the mineral bonds in our teeth’s enamel. Our Sunnyvale kid’s dentist promotes the use of fluoride as part of the oral hygiene routine since it is very effective in fighting tooth decay and pain in areas that are decaying. Fluoride may even stop or reverse cavities, and it also helps to rebuild tooth enamel. The most common sources of fluoride are regular drinking water, toothpaste and mouthwashes and rinses, but the most concentrated source, and most beneficial, is the one we use at Children’s Dental Group.

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