Kids dentist in Sunnyvale

Kids Dentist in Sunnyvale

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Dental sealants for kids in Sunnyvale

Kids dentist in Sunnyvale
Kids dentist in Sunnyvale

Are you looking for an expert dentist who can provide your child with all of the dental care options that they may need? If so, you are probably looking for a practice that specializes in children’s dentistry. At our dental practice, Children’s Dental Group, we have over 25 dentists on staff who are either fully dedicated to children’s dentistry or who are pediatric dental specialists. When you are looking for a kids dentist who can provide the very best treatment for your child, including an expansive list of dental services, you will want to come in and see our kids dentist in Sunnyvale.

Just one of our top-notch dentists is Dr. Roseanne Berger. Dr. Berger is a general dentist whose dental practice is limited to children. At our practice we find that dental sealants for kids can be very effective in helping children get fewer cavities. Dental sealants are usually used on the flat chewing surfaces of the back molars. They can be applied to either permanent teeth or baby teeth. Even though baby teeth are not meant to stay in the child’s mouth forever, it is still good practice to help them stay healthy in the mouth for as long as they are needed. One way to do this is to protect the teeth and getting cavities. Our kids dentist in Sunnyvale will be able to examine your child’s dental situation and let you know when he or she thinks your child will benefit from dental sealants.

Dental sealants are easily applied to the child’s back molars in a fast and pain free treatment process. First the chewing surfaces of the back molars must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. This will ensure that no water or bacteria is trapped under the dental sealants. Once the teeth are fully prepared for treatment, the dental sealant will in effect be painted onto the teeth. When the dental sealant promptly dries, the tooth surface will be thoroughly protected from any food debris, plaque, or bacteria that it may come in contact with. The dental sealant works as an actual physical barrier between the tooth and harmful substances that develop in the mouth. Eventually the dental sealants will simply wear away; there is no reason to have dental sealants removed. If you would like to have your child meet with our kids dentist in Sunnyvale to get dental sealants, contact us today for an appointment.

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