Children’s Orthodontics in Sunnyvale

Pediatric Orthodontic Services in Sunnyvale

Children's Orthodontics in Sunnyvale

Children’s Orthodontics in Sunnyvale

Pediatric orthodontics are a special branch of dentistry that allow us to care for children’s teeth and ensure they grow in correctly and aligned properly. At Children’s Dental Group, our children’s orthodontics in Sunnyvale are done in our offices and by our professional doctor and staff.

Some of our children’s orthodontics in Sunnyvale include removable appliances. These re used to hold certain teeth in place and influence how the jaw grows. Removable appliances can also influence how teeth erupt. They are used mainly together with fixed appliances. Although these appliances are removable, it also requires the patient to stay on top of their dental appliances and to use them as instructed for the best outcome. Braces are usually kept on for a year or over a year, depending on the level of alignment needed. Early interceptive orthodontics are sometimes done when the patient is too young for braces. Patients are usually around age 14 when they receive orthodontics, as the jaw has grown in more.

If your child has an emergency, such as the elastics on their children’s orthodontics in Sunnyvale have come loose, please come in and see us. Elastics are used to create proper force to move teeth into position, and they must be worn constantly and in the right places. They also must be changed daily. If the patient wears braces without the elastics for any period of time, it can cause their treatment time to be longer. They should be worn as instructed and removed only when brushing teeth and after meals. Patients can also get in the habit of carrying some elastics with them so that if an elastic breaks, they can replace it right away. They should always be changed as directed. Any part of the braces that have gotten cracked or broken should be reported to our dentist immediately.

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