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Tooth Eruption in Sunnyvale

Children's Dentist Sunnyvale
Children’s Dentist Sunnyvale

When teeth erupt, it can be painful and sore. Babies are first born with baby teeth and then a set of adult teeth grow in, or “erupt”. The primary teeth, or baby teeth, are there to act as a placeholder in the jaw for the actual adult teeth. Most children’s teeth begin to erupt around age 6 or 7. These teeth are usually the permanent molars. At Children’s Dental Group, our children’s dentist Sunnyvale can provide dental care for your child as an infant and when their teeth begin to erupt, and make necessary recommendations when needed.

The first molars, or six year molars, help determine the lower face shape and can affect the health of other permanent teeth. The last teeth to appear are wisdom teeth, which erupt between 17 – 21 years old. Our children’s dentist Sunnyvale may recommend removing the wisdom teeth if they are growing in crooked or are crowding the other surrounding teeth. If the wisdom teeth are impacted, we may also recommend removal in order to save them from becoming painful and swollen. Impacted wisdom teeth grow inside the gum, but never erupt. They can become extremely painful if not removed or fixed. When small children first grow their adult teeth, we encourage them to come in and learn proper brushing habits and flossing so that they can begin a good oral care regimen.

Our children’s dentist Sunnyvale also handles other aspects of pediatric dentistry, such as cosmetic, orthodontic and restorative. We provide a warm and friendly environment for kids that your child will love coming back to. We create surroundings that are fun and unique to a dentist’s office, such as video games, movies or bikes. While your child is waiting for their appointment they are welcome to play with these and other toys.

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